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Our company manufactures standard and special types of valve jackets to minimize heat loss through pipe line armatures and to prevent steam and density made through cooling systems.

The jackets are manufactured by sewing fiber glass insulation wool with silicone coated fiber glass fabric to the armatures measurements. Throughout the manufacturing process, high strength and flame resistant (kopma dayanımı yüksek) threads are used. The gathering cord is either fiber glass or polyurethane depending on the surrounding temperature. For the joint of the rim, vecrobant, with a width of 50 mm, is used.

Why Use valve jackets?

They are easy to mount and dismount.
They are re-usable. They can be re-attatched and used repeatedly
     when repairing or maintaining equipment.
Cost of mounting is very low.
They are long lasting.
They provide thermal insulation and are energy saving.
They allow for longer lasting equipment.


1. Put the jacket around the valve to be insulated
2. Join the vecrobant from both upper and lower connection points.
3. Match the vecrobants.
4. Pull the side cords to fix the jacket. Make sure the jacket is tight enough.

 Characteristics of the fabric used in valve jackets
 High temperature resistant.
 Water and air impermeability.
 Fuel steam resistant.
 Chemical corrosion resistant.
 Asbestos free and non-carcinogenic.
 Long-term use guarantee.
 Fire resistant.
* For standard jackets, the temperature resistance of the insulation fabric is about 280°C.
* For special types, the fabrics are resistant up to 750°C.
* When fluid temperatures in a hot oil line are at 210ºC, and the surrounding room temperature is 19ºC, if using the valve jacket, the external temperature of the jacket will be just 38ºC.
* The silicone coated fiber glass fabric used in the inner or outer layer is resistant to ozone, water and weak acids, and, therefore the jackets are long lasting. The filling material is wool, and has neither the risk of getting wet nor decomposing.
* All the fabrics and threads used in jacket production are flame resistant materials, therefore our jackets do not bear the risk of fire.
* Valve jackets provide heat insulation for valves and other equipment using hot lines. The jackets also allow cooling system equipment to last longer by preventing sweating.
 Areas of Application
 Building heating and cooling systems
 Steam installations
 Red-hot oil lines
 Furnace room
 Open air steam installations

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