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İzolasyon yastıkları katmanlarıInsulation pillows are designed to prevent heat loss through hot lines.

The basic components of insulations pillows are: high temperature resistant fabrics, ropes, yarns, sewing threads, insulation neddle mats and felts.

To install the pilllow on equipment, special hooks and eyes are mounted on each side of the pillow and fiber glass cords or wires are used to bind the material.

A pillow is generally manufactured with 3 layers. These are:

Outer layer:

Made of heat resistant, water-proof fabric which is not affected by weather conditions.

Middle layer:

Made of glass wool, rock wool, fiber glass neddle mat or fiber ceramic felts depending on the inner surface temperature.

Inner layer:

Made of either the same materials with the outer layer or the other types of fabrics or stainless steel wire bars depending on the temperature of the line.

Egzoz yalıtımı marin uygulamalar

 Characteristics of the fabric used
 in the insulation pillow

 High temperature resistant.
 Water and air impermeability.
 Fuel steam resistant.
 Chemical corrosion resistant.
 Asbestos free and non-carcinogenic.
 Long-term use guarantee.
 Fire resistant.
* They are re-usable. They can be re-attatched and used repeatedly when repairing or maintaining equipment.
* They are easy to mount and dismount and cost of mounting is very low.
* Insulation pillows are designed for pipe lines using fluid temperatures of -20ºC~850ºC. With insulation pillows, the outer layer of the jacket will have temperatures of just 15ºC~50ºC (depending on the surrounding temperature).
* For ship furnace rooms, in order to provide a 100% air tight seal, silicone coated fiber glass fabric should be used. If only uncoated wool insulation is used, steam fuels which exist in the room can seep through the wool, build up easily and could be ignited by just a small spark. This air-tight silicon coating prevents any existing external fuel steam from being absorbed into the insulation. This steam may, otherwise, build up and be absorbed through uncoated wool insulation, causing extreme fire danger.

 Areas of Application
 Ship furnace / boiler rooms
 Engine exhaust lines
 Steam installations
 Red-hot oil lines
 Building heating and cooling
 Furnace rooms

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